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Patio Mister

Patio Mister

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➡️ Effective cooling for hot summer days!

➡️ 4 spray nozzles for multi direction misting

➡️ 26FT of misting line included

➡️Original seller in the US, Ships Nationwide Plus Canada Now!

➡️ 2 month warranty guarantee  

➡️ Order arrives within 3-8 business days

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Shipping & Delivery

Enjoy fast and reliable shipping! We deliver within 3-8 business days to both the US and Canada.

The ZEPA Guarantee (100% money back)

We firmly believe in the results ZEPA can bring you. If you have any doubts, uncertainties, or questions about our products after receiving them, we will immediately issue you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

What Makes Us Unique?

- Our mister requires minimal setup compared to commercial ones that need extensive installation with hoses and hanging.

- Our misters are constructed with an aluminum interior to prevent kinks and ensure a stable hold in any position you set.

- Two extra nozzles ensure long-term use. Whether kids or pets knock it over or water buildup clogs a nozzle, you’ll have replacements ready!

Beat the Heat!

Beat the summer heat effortlessly with a mister, which creates a fine, cooling mist that instantly refreshes your outdoor space. Perfect for patios, gardens, or pool areas, a mister lowers the ambient temperature, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably even on the hottest days. Its easy setup and maintenance make it a convenient addition to your summer relaxation routine, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable while enjoying time with family and friends.

Expand your cooling zone

Expand your cooling area by connecting multiple misters together. Enjoy enhanced comfort and create a refreshing environment for everyone!

Easy Set Up

Whats in the Package?

- 1x Stand base

- 1x Extension pipe

- 1x Standing tubbing

- 1x Wrench

- 1x Teflon tape

- 2x Brass spray nozzles for replacement

- 1x 26ft misting line

Get yours now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I thought it was gimmicky but it's actually very useful

I have had misting systems set up before nailed into the edge of the patio eaves or other places like that. Well I am not currently in a place to be setting up something permanent yet, so for now I decided to try out this standing misting system. I went into it not expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, this kit comes with one standing mister that has 4 articulated arms that you can "aim". I put that in quotes because as you may know, misters tend to spray in whatever direction the wind is blowing regardless of the direction they're pointing in. But it still helps direct the water in a general direction. You could even set them all up to point in the same direction.

Putting it together and hooking it up was quick and easy. From the time I took it out of the box to when I had a working stream of water going was probably about 10 minutes. Everything was pretty easy to hook up. The instructions weren't very descriptive but it's not hard to put together even without instructions. It comes with a splitter with valves so that you don't have to sacrifice a hose spigot entirely to the mister. It also comes with a filter to help with preventing mineral buildup which is a nice addition. Only time will tell how good that part that works. It also comes with additional gaskets and washers, as well as a small amount of plumbing tape.

I love how easy it was to set up and then just place wherever I wanted. It works just as good as a proper misting system as long as you want it in just a small area. it's a good alternative.

Now for the bad. Nearly every connection was hard plastic. That included the plastic splitter which less that a week later started to leak badly. It never really tightened properly and as I had originally suspected was the first weak point. I replaced it with a proper brass splitter and no problems since. This is a necessity since a leak is inevitable. Next is that since all the connections are plastic, they don't seal very well. You need to use plenty of plumbing tape and then hope you don't overtighten anything and break it. I had to take apart and re-tape several sections that didn't seal well the first time. But once it was all taken care of, it hasn't leaked since. I still worry about the longevity of all the plastic connections. Only time will tell.

Koen kingdon
This mists well and is a must have for the hot summer days.

I like how you can mist water in any direction of your choice. The arms move nicely.

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Carry wherever you want cooling mist

This was super easy to set up. Didn't leak at the hose connection. Easy to adjust wire heads. On off valve, and a ton of extras. I used this to cool down from a fan, cool my chicken coop, and even my front porch. I love it
Easy to carry around and bends onto almost anything.

The cable is long allowing it to be placed almost anywhere.